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aromatherapy-essential-oils-guide chamomile

An Introduction to Chamomile Essential Oil

Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide

Chamomile Essential Oil - Uses and benefits, history and essential oil facts.

An introduction to Chamomile, its history, some ancient and traditional uses around the world are revealed ! The benefits and uses for Chamomile Essential Oil as used by aromatherapists. Descriptions of the plant, its family and source. Principal constituents and method of extraction.

Chamomile Essential Oils -
Benefits, Blends and Uses.

Chamomile Essential oils for Hair.The ultimate, natural hair repair, using essential oils, suitable for all hair types.

Using a Chamomile infusion on your hair to add shine and vitality

Natural, gentle skin care with Chamomile Essential Oil

Many of the treatments below use olive oil as the carrier for the Chamomile Essential oil, a natural and effective combination.

A natural, gentle skin care regime especially for acne, sensitive skin treatment using Chamomile Essential Oil and Olive Oil

Using Chamomile Essential Oil as a gentle, effective treatment for Eczema

Using Chamomile Essential Oil for Heat or Sun Damaged Skin

Chamomile Essential Oil Use to ease the discomfort of earache and earwax

Aromatherapy Bath Basics

Essential oils Bath Salts Recipes

Homemade bath salts are quick and easy to make, gorgeous to give and it is simply divine to slip into a bath with gorgeous essential oils and salts that will detoxify and ease those aching muscles.

Mineral salts have been used in baths since Ancient times to rid the body of toxins and to relax and revive.....Epsom salts have been used widely to reduce inflammation and swelling and to soften the skin.

A gentle, soothing blend - Chamomile, Lavender and Rose Essential Oils

Anayennisi Aromatics aromatherapy-essential-oils-guide chamomile

Organic, Homemade Soap Recipes, made with Pure Olive Oil.

How to make homemade soap, easy to follow soap making instructions for homemade dish soap.

Go to Chamomile,Ylang-ylang and Patchouli Soap - A soap with the scents of paradise !

How to make soap... for acne prone skin care, olive oil soap bar with Chamomile, Calendula and Lavender Essential Oils.

Fabulously simple Chamomile, Lavender and Olive Oil Soap......suitable for soothing both babies and more mature skins alike !

Making homemade soap using lemon and chamomile essential oils for acne and spots ! A soap to cleanse and soothe problematic teenage skin !

Rose and Chamomile Essential Oil Soap - Gentle, soothing and calming, great for dry, mature skin.

Natural Homemade Hand and Body Liquid Soap Liquid soap recipes using Anayennisi Aromatics natural soap base - from the original olive oil soap recipe :)

Anayennisi Aromatics aromatherapy-essential-oils-guide chamoaromatherapy-essential-oils-guide chamomilemile

Natural Soap Recipes for Cleaning your Home

Easy Soapmaking Instructions for Homemade Laundry Soap using Chamomile Essential Oil.

Soy Candle Making


Chamomile recipes for soy candle making......try the English Country Garden blend with Lavender Essential oil, Lemon Essential Oil and Chamomile Essential Oil.

How to make soy candles....step-by-step-guide on using essential oils in soy candle making

Soy candle making - aromatherapy essential oils guide blends and recipes for soy candles

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Anayennisi Aromatics - Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide
Anayennisi Aromatics - Aromatherapy Essential oils Guide
Anayennisi Aromatics- Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide
Anayennisi Aromatics- Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide
Anayennisi Aromatics- Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide
Anayennisi Aromatics- Aromatherapy Essential oils Guide
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Anayennisi Aromatics- Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide
Anayennisi Aromatics- Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide

Anayennisi Aromatics- Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide