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Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide

A warm Welcome to Anayennisi Aromatics

Aromatherapy Essential oils Guide

A guide to using Essential oils - the most natural, aromatic and effective choice to revive and revitalize.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide.Recipes for Health and Beauty,Soaps and Candles,Olive Oil and Mediterranean Life.

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Take a walk through the olive groves and explore our...Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide....and discover aromatic scents of purpose ! Scroll down to read more :)

Anayennisi Aromatics  Aromatherapy Essential oils Guide.Lavender- homemade soap recipes

An introduction to the Anayennisi Aromatics Website.......

  • An informative and innovative aromatherapy essential oils guide for using aromatic oils and herbs in the home.
  • The many health benefits of aromatherapy essential oils explained, with recipes for aromatherapy essential oils massage blends, how to make essential oil blends for health, beauty and home.
  • Instructions on how to make your own simple, natural skin care products, how to make homemade face creams, homemade facial moisturizer and facial cleanser recipes.
  • Essential oil perfume recipes
  • Natural, gentle Olive Oil skin care, recipes and information on how to use olive oil for skin care and as a natural hair conditioner - combined with essential oils.
  • How to make organic homemade soap, pure olive oil soap recipes.
  • Soy candle making with essential oils.How to make soy candles - simply.
  • Olive oil benefits and its myriad of effective uses, revealed and explained.
  • Natural remedies using herbs.
  • Mediterranean Life..... Mediterranean diet food recipes.....and much,much more.............

This is - the Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide............a very warm Welcome :)

Anayennisi Aromatics  Aromatherapy Essential oils Guide.Lavender and olive trees- Anayennisi Aromatics homemade soap recipes .

IMAGINE......walking through olive groves where lavender, rosemary, sage, wild thyme and oregano abound or maybe just relaxing in a beautiful courtyard surrounded by the scent of jasmine, roses and geranium.....

Anayennisi Aromatics  Aromatherapy Essential oils Guide.Benefits of lemons. Anyennisi Aromatics Aromatherapy essential oil blends

IMAGINE......gently squeezing the fruits of lemon, orange or lime, preparing a meal with the heady scent of basil, ginger or black pepper, baking with cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla, sitting back, basking in the sunshine, leisurely... sipping tisanes infused with bergamot, chamomile or peppermint.....

Lupins and Geraniums. Anayennisi Aromatics Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends

ALL of these powerful, familiar, aromatic, evocative scents have therapeutic purposes. Natural herbs, organic and pure oils have been used for centuries, the world over, easily and effectively, aiding and maintaining health, in mind and body and throughout the home.

Anayennisi Aromatics Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide offers you an inspiring aromatic range of hints and tips..... from the health benefits of aromatherapy, essential oil blends, how to make homemade face cream, natural hair conditioners, soy candle making recipes, to herbal natural remedies, free natural, organic homemade soap recipes, natural homemade laundry soap recipes, made only with pure olive oil.... to Mediterranean diet food recipes, from the ultimate lemon meringue pie recipe to the lemon juice diet detox.... to the extraordinary uses of olive oil and how olive oil benefits us !

An array of little gems and a wealth of knowledge collected over many years of use, handed down from many Grandmothers....not just mine, which have now been written down, to hand down to my daughters and to share with whomever has an interest, from journals, photographs, memories and scrappy bits of paper, now all encompassed and presented to you, to explore and share in the form of Anayennisi Aromatics Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide !

The Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide will always be growing, new pages are being added daily, eclectically !

One day it maybe a luscious lemon meringue pie recipe,(this really is a favorite :), the next more homemade soap recipes, the next day, oils for treating acne or tips on growing rosemary, it is varied to spark your interest, to keep it fresh and to ensure the site continues to deliver an enjoyable and informative read :)

All of the topics in the Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide are connected to one another by a common theme, that being aromatic essential oils... oils and herbs combined with the warm climes and accents of the Mediterranean, where good food is grown and eaten, life is enjoyed and savoured and traditions and customs that have been held dear for centuries, remain and continue to be celebrated with joy and hope !

The pages of Anayennisi Aromatics endeavour to bring rays of sunshine to brighten your day.....Enjoy !!

Learn and be inspired about the many uses of essential oils, also the ways in which to use herbs and how to grow them, how to use herbs in Mediterranean cooking, find out about natural remedies for your home and family...many of which have been used effectively by generations past, it is fun, uplifting and life affirming to invoke your senses, really live and get that limbic system fired up !

The benefits of these aromatic herbs and oils are available for all to use, the following pages will enable you to become adept at incorporating them into your daily life, enhancing all in your home and family.

IT IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK...with the Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide, methods of use and guidance are given, for each particular oil or herb demonstrating its versatility and benefits - these oils and herbs are listed on the navigation bar at the side of this page.

A short history and interesting facts about each aromatic herb or oil, its uses, properties and suggested applications are given....

Why not start with Soy Candle Making, really easy and fun to do or try our food recipes, our own favourite dishes...we love lemons and cake...hence the many lemon cake recipes ! Take our advice on how to grow herbs, to enable you to create a wonderful, aromatic space of your own, no matter what size of area you have to plant in, a pot of basil by the kitchen sink never fails to clear your mind !

Anayennisi Aromatics aromatherapy essential oils guide is full of free recipes and blends, carefully selected oils that compliment and work well with one another, tried and tested synergies.

WHICH is your favourite scent, the one that makes you breathe in deeply, which soothes and calms you or energizes and revitalizes you !

Discover the experience of enjoying these holistic, natural, aromatic herbs and oils - it can become life-changing.


SO....SIMPLY.....Aromatic oils can be used for health, for mind and body... for example in baths, to de-stress after a hard days work, in relaxing massage blends to ease aching muscles, in salves, to soothe sunburn, or as antibacterial or antifungal agents, they can be used to uplift and alleviate anxiety........Aromatic oils can be added to carriers, lotions or creams to make beauty, skin and hair treatments or why not make your own signature scented, aromatherapy essential oil perfume recipes with your favorite scents, or maybe your own soaps or candles......if you have never used essential oils before, why not begin by using aromatic oils in vaporisers to create ambience, to cleanse and add fragrance to your home, or use essential oils as household cleaning agents, eliminating germs, repelling insects or just invigorating laundry as our Grandmothers will testify to !

Properties and usage of aromatic oils and herbs are wide-ranging, indeed it is a vast and ancient practice.


A myriad of choices, why not start with making the most simple, pure soap, all of the free soap recipes use only olive oil, essential oils and herbs, really easy recipes to follow with fantastic results each time and in small quantities, only 8 - 12 bars of soap from each recipe, there is only so much soap a person needs !

Anayennisi Aromatics is in the process of getting the Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide created, its evolution will take time ....(lots of time, I am not the fastest on a keyboard !) bookmark, recommend, share, facebook, rss feed or twitter us to keep in touch or just keep coming back to see our new pages !!

If you would like to know more about me...please click here :)

We will look forward to seeing you here at Anayennisi Aromatics :)


So, please do keep coming back to see what is new (and bear with us whilst we get all these gems tapped out into pages !) or bookmark or subscribe to Annayennisi-Aromatics News to keep in touch, via our blog, rss feed, twitter or facebook...its totally free and we would love to hear about your experiences too....

Warmest Wishes, Caroline.

Anayennisi Aromatics Aromatherapy blends
Anayennisi Aromatics

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Anayennisi Aromatics - Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide
Anayennisi Aromatics - Aromatherapy Essential oils Guide
Anayennisi Aromatics- Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide
Anayennisi Aromatics- Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide
Anayennisi Aromatics- Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide
Anayennisi Aromatics- Aromatherapy Essential oils Guide
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Anayennisi Aromatics- Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide
Anayennisi Aromatics- Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide