Rosemary Herb - a little history about this glorious herb !

Rosemary herb - Rosemary essential oil -Anayennisi Aromatics

Rosemary herb - rosemary essential oil -Anayennisi Aromatics

The uplifting rosemary herb has been used throughout the world since Ancient times - its usage has been extensively documented from discoveries of its use in the tombs of Egyptian kings to the ancient scripts of Greek physicians prescribing the essential oil for a wide range of cures from liver problems to memory enhancement.

The essential oil was used for centuries as the main constituent of eau de colognes and eau de toilettes made famous by Queen Isabella of Hungary - see the link to the Interesting Facts page below.

In the Seventeenth century it was found to be in such demand that it was sold commercially, its popularity attributable to its stimulating and detoxifying effect upon the skin, particularly mature skin as it encourages a rejuvenating effect, especially areas of the skin affected by cellulite.

Today it is well known and recognised comercially for its benefits and effectiveness as a hair tonic, conditioning and alleviating problems such as dandruff and alopecia - follow the links below to find blends for hair treatments and lotions for the face and body.

Rosemary herb - rosemary essential oil- Anayennisi Aromatics

From the poem........ 'Loves Martyr'

There's Rosemary,the Arabians justify,

(Physicians of exceeding perfect skill)

It comforteth the brain and memory,

And to the inward sense gives strength at will,

The head with noble knowledge it doth fill,

Conserves thereof restores the speech being lost.

And makes a perfect tongue with little cost.

Robert Chester 1601

Modern day studies in Britain have found that the use of rosemary does indeed boost memory function and stimulates the central nervous system combating mental fatigue and heightening mental alertness.

Rosemary herb - rosemary essential oil- Anayennisi Aromatics

Culpepper, in the sixteenth century was very fond of rosemary herb. He prescribed it for "cold benumbed joints" and stomach, spleen and bowel disorders.

Uses for rosemary plants for ridding areas of infestation, diesease and pestilence have been long  established - rosemary was regarded as the herb, to carry and use in the time of the Great Plague of London, 1665-6, it became a very valuble commodity, its value increased six-fold. 

French hospitals used it routinely as an antibacterial agent - right up until 1930 - follow the links below to find out how to make antibacterial cleaning solutions, insect repellants, anti-fungal  solutions, laundry freshners, air freshners and gorgeous soaps.

Modern day sports therapists use rosemary in massage oils - to alleviate the pain and inflammation of sore, aching muscles. Find out how to make fabulous and effective rosemary essential oil blends by following the link below.

Rosemary herb - rosemary essential oil- Anayennisi Aromatics

Rosemary oil is used for a multitude of wide ranging applications from premature hair loss (balding) to antiseptic, antibacterial and medical uses, both commercially and within the home.

Rosemary herb - rosemary essential oil- Anayennisi Aromatics

Follow the links below to discover how to use rosemary essential oil in your home, for beauty and health, for cooking, for cleaning, in soapmaking and also how to grow rosemary. This wonderful herb deserves a place in everyones home.

Why not go to the Make Soap page, see the link below to try some easy Olive Oil based soap recipes.

All of the recipes use only Olive Oil, Essential Oils and Herbs, there are many to choose from, if you would like know more about each respective herb or oil take a look at the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page to find out more.

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